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Inclusive Golf in the City of Adelaide

Chris (volunteer), David, Guide Dog Viking, Tony, Guide Dog Yvette.

The inclusive golf program at North Adelaide Golf Course is run in conjunction with the City of Adelaide, Golf SA and Inclusive Sport SA who each contribute to the program and in turn provide access and learning opportunities for the groups involved.

North Adelaide Golf Course has just completed a fantastic first term of golf clinics in conjunction with the Royal Society for the Blind.

Five sessions were conducted with six students per class in June and July, at the Par 3 on Torrens located within the North Adelaide golf course precinct.

The sessions were conducted by North Adelaide PGA Teaching Professional Gavin Fontaine who has an inclusive coaching accreditation.

“Teaching blind is really great, it's fulfilling for me as much it is for the students” Fontaine said.

“The volunteer caddies also get so much out of it as well, because they understand the safety procedures and how important it is to set their player up and just things like when they are putting, to measure out how far and then explain to the player how fast or slow the greens are.”

The value of the volunteers to assist with the program can’t be overstated.

“I make the caddie the coach in the end and they build a great relationship with the player.”

Sessions with the group from the Royal Society for the Blind involved a lot of short game, chipping and putting and also some full swing teachings.

“You work really hard on procedures and routines in golf which is setup and once they are set, you just say, okay, just do exactly what you have done in your practice swing and just do it and just trust it.

“Some are pure beginners who haven’t played much sport at all, but it fantastic as it provides a great opportunity for them to come out and play some sport.”

Participants feedback was extremely positive with golfers indicating they are looking forward to heading back to the greens for the next program.

“For the next program starting early August will take them for some course play, it should be some great fun”.