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KOOYONGA: Women Stableford: D Percey 36 S Gamble 32 A Ewer 32 M Frogley 30. 9-Holes: S Thyer 16 J Morton 16. more
NAIRNE: Sunday Pinehurst: S Smith S Cowell 68.875, N Butler C Harrop, D McNamara J Sadler. NTP: 4/14th C Sadler. 7/16th K Michielsen. Punters hole - 12th: D Arney T Strout. more
ARDROSSAN: Stroke 12-Hole: M Coleman 38 R Dickson 39. Ball winners: S See R Johnson B Scott 39 P Williams R Coates B Jarrett L Gill 40. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Foursomes: S Lee G Trainor 74, S Bywaters L Blanden 75, T Millar S Lewis 76, S Winter-Dewhirst H Tanaka 77, M Thomson C Coleman 78, H Kain & A Belperio 80. more
KOOYONGA: Stableford: Blue A: J Brewster-Jones 36 K Duval 35 G Allison 34 R Marsh 33 P Steinhardt 33 M Smith 32. B: C Wright 37 more
KOOYONGA, Women Stroke A: J Deacon 72 P Wark 76 S Jarvis 76. B: P Oxenham 73 J Young 74 J Hyde 75. C: D Wood 78 L Smith 81 L Brown 87. Stableford: M Foley 36 P Dixon 36 KL Kruys 35. 9-holes: J Martin 20 M McLeay 18. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women 12-hole Modified Stableford: Appreciation Day Pennant: M Middleton 26. Cleek: D Cocks 20: Hickory: S Bywaters 19. more
ARDROSSAN: Stroke: B Scott 65 B Cock 67. Ball winners R: Farrell 67 M Coleman 68. Wed stableford: G Williams 35 B Scott cb P Williams 37. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Merle Marten Trophy: Winner D Schwarz 36 A Belperio 34 M Kaines H Tanaka S Lee 32 J Wilson K Colclasure L Cheong J Burton V Kemp E Shapcott 31. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: J Brewster-Jones 38 K Russell K Duval 36 B Nott S Van Der Leeuw 34. B: R Brice 38 A Klomp D Davies M Johnston 36 K Smith 35. C: G Hayes 41 A MacLennan 38 R Clapp 37 J Blunden T Kruys 36. Green: D Brown 40 M Hall 37 D Rowe 34. more