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KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: J Brewster-Jones 37 C Weckert 35 J Anderson 35 J Kiley 34 R Fidock 34 P Gibbs 34. B: C Wright 40 P Castley 37 T Haupt 36 B Hall 35 P Brown 34 D Lipman 34. C: P Vaughton 40 K Wang 39 G Johns 37 M Rosman 37 D Williams 37. Green: M Hall 33 D Brown 32 A Andrejewskis 29 D Wood 27. more
KOOYONGA: Women Handicap Foursomes: D Percey J Deacon 76 M Nelligan J Hunter 76 S Hocley K van Dissel 77.5. Foursomes C'ship qlfrs A: D Percey J Deacon 175 L Pittman J Pyke 184 P Wark J Trenorden more
KOOYONGA: Women Foursome c'ship A: J Trenorden P Wark 88 J Deacon D Percey 91 J Pyke L Pittman 94. B: C Smith S Fuller 99 B Burnet H Egar 99 W Mann W Monfries 103. C: S Gamble B Moore 109 J Ryan C Pollard 114 J Harris S Terrell 114. more
BARMERA: Stableford: K Magain 38 V Hodgson 37 L Wurth C Clarke 31 T Hanson 30. more
KOOYONGA: Snr Interclub: Kooyonga 4 d Royal Adelaide 2. B Lindner lt D Cherry 4-3, G Kay d D Tamblyn 1up, L Elliott sq T Evans, B Lovelock d J Sweeney 1up more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: G Smith 37 D Martin G Allison J Johnson 36 S Van der Leeuw T Timmins 35. B: A Gray 39 B Hall D Mitchell 36 T Haupt G Prior K Griffiths 35. more
KOOYONGA: Women Par Red A: M Nelligan 2 up J Deacon 2 down J Cruse 3 down. B: A MacKenzie S Fuller 2 up H Burvill 2 down. C: R Cole 1 up S Thyer J Ryan 0. Yellow: B Hosking 33. 9-holes: K Booth E Beckwith 19 M Stokes 18. more
NAIRNE: Sunday Par: Captain v President: C Harrop sq cb S Cowell sq N Butler sq. Ball winners: S Cowell sq N Butler sq P Rusk -1 K Michelsen -1 S Smith -2 T Strout -3. NTP: 4th/13th R Watts, 7th/16th S Cowell. more
ARDROSSAN: Wed stableford: D Hosking outstanding 36 B Cock 33. Ball winners: N Wright 33 S See 32 G Meredith 30 M Coleman C Hatcher 29. more
KOOYONGA: Stableford: A: P Bowler 35 J McKean 34 T Timmins 34 G Allison 34 K Duval 34 M Colquhoun 33. B: R Hockney 37 more