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KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: T Dolman M Mitton 36 J McKean B Lovelock S Van DerLeeuw 35. B: K Smith 37 K Ballantyne 36 P Laity D Hatwell 35 W Thyer 33. C: N Cleverland 37 T Kruys G Green G Wyatt G Wyatt J Jacka 35. Green: B Kohler T Carrig E Betro 36. more
KOOYONGA: Women 3B: J Ryan C Pollard M Wyles 84, H Sawyer W Haynes M McPhee 77, J Marriott J Phillips J Harrop 76, J Deacon D Alexander J Marlow 76, M Foley S Fuller W Mann 76, K Burns J Carrig S Terrell 76. more
WOMEN'S INTERCLUB: NTH ADELAIDE 4 d FLAGSTAFF HILL 1 (M Thomson d L Taverner 6-5 D Bennett sq S Prior L Cheong d V Whitmee more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Men Stableford A: S Dawson 39 D Nicholls 38 S Eichner R Saxby 37. B: C Fung S Maione 39 T Guiducci 38 S Kim 37. C: D Solly 39 P Brooksby B Rositano B Murray 38. more
ARDROSSAN: Stableford: A Wheare 34 D Phillips 33. Ball winners: L Jones 32 T Jones C Hatcher 31 B Cock R Alderman 30 D Hosking 29. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stableford: M Bak 42 J Burton 39 A Chevin 38 E Hall 37 H Tanaka 36 A Elliss 35 K Colclasure S Bywaters M Middleton M Pyke C Coleman 34 D Murray H Martin 33. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: C Weckert 36 K Duval 35 T Dolman 33 G Allison J Kiley 32. B: A Klomp 38 S Cattonar 36 T Marriott I Hutchin M Harkotsikas 35. C: G Johns 38 P Sanders 37 T Davis 36J Burke 35 D Williams 34. Green: A Andrejewskis 37 B Kohler 36 D Brown 30. more
KOOYONGA: Women Par A: S Jarvis 2 up C Flynn D Alexander 1 up. B: J Carrig 1 down H Moore W Mann 2 down. C: P Nietz 1 up J Drew 0 R Hatwell 2 down. Stableford Yellow: J Roach 28. 9-hole: M Wilson 20 S Gower 19 J Harrop 18. more
KOOYONGA: 4B Stableford: K Barnard C Watson 48, M Harkotsikas G Stirling 47, J Marriott J Blunden 45, G Allison K Duval 44, M Zoppa A Zoppa 43, T Dolman G Johns 43. more
ARDROSSAN: Stroke A: A Jacobs 65. B: T Wheare 59. C: J Benfield 58. Ball winners: N Wright 59 A Black 65 R Johnson more