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API: Stableford/trophy: P Dedecke 41. A: R Delbridge 39 R Kinlock 38 N Crudden A Ifcovich 37 P Rackham 33 S Roy 32 M Howie 30. B: P Dedecke 41 J Freestone 36 R Mellors 34 A Goss K Hall 32 J Finally 31. more
KOOYONGA: Stableford A: K Duval 36 G Kay D Gallagher 35 B O'Connor S Heylen 34. B: G Smith 39 L Stewart I Charlton 37 N Rose D Mitchell 36. C: D Williams A Burgan S Fowler 36 G Green J Gamble 34. C Green: M Hall 41 Q Gower 39. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Hickory: NORTH ADELAIDE 41-2 bt THE VINES 11-2 (S Bywaters bt A more
ASCOT PARK: Stroke: North: R Blackmore P Lewis 53 D Scheffield T Pope 54C Biggins 55. South: N Shugg 71 B Barnes 75 K Jacobs 76. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: Y Ko V Kemp A Carney 73 A Belperio L Allen 74 K Aboutaleb J Mitchell 75 D Murray C Coleman E Shapcott 76 M Thomson M Prisk E Hall 77 K Colclasure H Kain S Kent H Martin 78. more
KOOYONGA: Stableford A: J Swift 42 B Hall P Bowler B O'Connor R Marsh 39. B: P Briscoe A Gray J Holyoak 40 I Pickering 38 B Frogley 37. C: D Williams 44 P Noblet 42 C Weston R Haslam T Richards 38. C Green: T Carrig 38 E Betro 37. more
COPPER CLUB: Stableford: L Walkley 39 M Mercurio (Grange) E Christianson G Smith 35 M Crocker, R Dayman 34. more
ASCOT PARK: Stableford North: M Dean C Dienhoff 30 N Swalling R Hombsch 28 R Baker 27. South: J Jones 39 G Wharton 36 G Rennie 33 N Shugg 31. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: M Middleton 72 J Mitchell 73 K Colclasure D Schwarz 76 C Hirst 78 A more
KOOYONGA: Stableford A: S Hicks 40 M Mitton 39 D Dick G Davis 37 T Timmins 36. B: P Richmond 41 B Frogley J Lambert J Harvey G Smith 37. C: J Morton D Smith 39 J Emmett 38 R Robertson V Brazier 37. Green: T Burns 40 M Hall 39. more