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ARDROSSAN: Stableford A: N Edwards 45. B: L Rochchester 43. Ball winners: J Zimmermann 43 J McDonnell 41. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: 9-hole Stableford: M Middleton 23 S Winter-Dewhirst 22 M Kaines 21 L Pytlik 20 J Wilson 18 C Woolford D Williams S Kent J Mitchell 17. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: P Bowler 41 S Plamenac 37 R Marsh P Gibbs 36 H Riches 35. B: J Lambert 40 M Johnston N Cleveland 39 M Zoppa B Robert 38. more
KOOYONGA: Women Stableford A: C Flynn J Trenorden 38 M Nelligan 36. B: L Bowler M Hicks 38 A MacKenzie 37. C: W Mutch 37 S Terrell J Thompson 35. C Yellow: B Hosking 36. 9-hole: R Hatwell 21 M Garrett 20 R Marsh 18. more
ARDROSSAN: 12-hole stroke: R Dickson 37 B Cock 38. Ball winners: B Jarrett 40 M Coleman 42 N Edwards G Williams D Barton J Vidau ct B Scott R Alderman J Simmons 43. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: V Kemp H Silvy 74 C Colemand 76 T Wongsala M Kaines 77 K Aboutaleb 78 C Woolford D Williams B Barker 80. Medal: V Kemp. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: M Colquhoun 39 P Bowler M Smith 37 L Stewart N O'Connell. B: C Mason M Harkotsikas 40 D Martin P Laity J Baker 39. C: B Kavanagh 41 S Bajada 38 J Combe J Rogers G Hayes 37. Green: M Hall 40 D Wood T Carrig 34. more
KOOYONGA: Women Stableford A: P Wark 39 J Hunter L McGough 38. B: B Gower H Moore 37 S Gower 36. C: G Hicks 36 H Sawyer 34 I Antonas 33. Yellow: J Roach 36. 9-hole: M Garrett S Sarah 20 C Gun 18. more
ARDROSSAN: Stableford: R Dickson 41. B: J Vidau 41. Ball winners: R Johnson R Farrell 39 T Harbutt 37 N Edwards M Coleman 36. more
KOOYONGA: Women Par A : H Hunt D Bamford 2 up J Marriott 1 up. B: L Marshall 7 up M Thredgold L Brown 5 up. C: S Lunn J Drew 1 up J Goodwin sq. Stableford Yellow: B Hosking 40. more