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KOOYONGA: Stableford A: S Heylen 37 H Riches 34 B Nott 33 M Davoren 33 A Bower 33. B: G Agars 38 J Holyoak 35 G Laidlaw 34 D Hatwell 32 P Laity 32. C: B Jolley 37 I Kingsborough 37 L Holmes 34 D Cosh 33 A MacLennan 33. Green: D Wood 37 T Burns 37. more
KOOYONGA: Women 3B: Wendy Much Sally Gamble Anne Brown 24 Diane Bamford Jodie Deacon Pam Marshall 24 Helen Farrow Virginia Lacey Heather Ball 24. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Par: M Bak 1 up K Hann M Godlevsky A Carney 1 down D Cooper H Tanaka 2 down L Dennett D Schwarz D Cocks S Emrick I Krewniuch 4 down. C'ship semi-f A: Y Ko d C Coleman, SY Jung d S Russell. B: S Jung d D Bennett, E Shapcott d D Decelis. C: H Tanaka d E Hall, H Kaine d C Hirst. more
BARMERA: Par: B Cornwell R Wurth 2 up I Girdler B Halupka K Martin sq B Finn A Selfe 1 down C Milson T Fischer N Mcpherson 2 down. Hole-in-one: R Wurth (17th). more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Par: D Schwarz 4 up S Lewis sq M Prisk J Mitchell 1 down C Woolford G Harris M Middleton 2 down V Kemp D Button 3 down. more
KOOYONGA: Stableford A: S Heylen 40 D Laundy 37 P Gibbs 37 C Muirhead 37 A Flynn 36. B: I Ridley 37 R Walker 36 R Tanner 36 A Burgan 36 J McKean 36. C: A Williams 37 Q Gower 36 C Johns 36 B Brooke 34 B Babidge 34. Green: D Woods 39 M Hall 38. more
KOOYONGA: Women 4B: K Chenoweth T Nitschke 9 up, M Hicks M Emmett 9 up, C Flynn P Nietz 8 up, A Brown W Mutch 7 up, A MacKenzie J Hyde 7 up. more
API: Stroke A: T Parsons 73 T Vaughn 74 S Roy S Howie 75 C Roy 77 N Crudden K Russell 79. B: R Mellors 69 A Goss 71 A Ifcovich 72 J Freestone 75 M Crudden 76 K Hall 77 P Dedecke M Radovanovic P Issacs 78. more
ALBANY: Women Stableford: M Vanderbyl 41 M Slynn 39 D Watkins 38 L O'Meara H Groves 37. 9-hole: B Smith 20. Tuesday: E Stocks 21. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Stableford: P Brooksby 34 S Ormond 34 T Sullivan 33 K Seipolt 31. more