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NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stableford: V Kemp 38 H Tayler 37 D Nettle 33. 9-hole: L Blanden M Thomson YM Ko M Prisk K Colclasure G Trainor J Wilson C Mroczek SY Jung 17 V Cassidy S Emrick 16 M Godlevsky D Nettle C Richardson 15. more
KOOYONGA: Men's Stableford A: T Dolman 42 D Burns 40 N Sutherland 39 P Steinhardt 38 T Timmins 36. B: C Nicholls 42 G Moore 40 F Tripodi 37 M Twelftree K Ballantyne 36. C: C Dunsford 40 N Cleveland 38 G Wyatt B Benson S Fowler 37. Green: B Kohler 41 D Wood 39. more
KOOYONGA: Women Par A: P Wark 6 up D Percey H Hunt 1 up. B: C Walsh 3 up H Nitschke 2 up S Parsons 1 up. C: R Burgan 3 up E Fraser M Johnstone 1 up. C Yellow: B Hosking 2 up. 9-hole Stableford: A Crossing 22 K Booth 18 cb. more
ARDROSSAN: Stableford 9-hole: L Gill 35 J Aldridge 24. Ball winners: D Barton B Scott 32 C Hatcher 31 B Dolman R Dickson R Alderman A Prime 30. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Stableford: G Harris 44 H Tayler V Kemp K Hann 34 M Kaines 33 M Middleton C Mroczek 32. Women 9-hole: K Aboutaleb 21 M Thomson 19 L Blanden 18. more
KOOYONGA: Men's Stableford A: B Hall G Boase M Smith 40 T Dolman D Shaw 38. B: A Nemer 40 P Cameron 38, S Cattonar K Griffith 38 J Irving 37. C: C Nicholls 42 D Williams 41 J Jacka 40 B Brooke J Garrett 39. C Green: D Brown 38 B Mullins A Andrejewskis 36. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stableford: SY Jung 37 M Kaines M Middleton 36 S Russell V Kemp 34 M Pyke L Dennett S Lewis 33 D Decelis D Bennett 32. more
API: Stableford: A: D Newman 41 S Roy M Howie 37 R Chapel C Roy 35 S Howie 33 K Russell P Rackham 31. B: J Holland 36 K Hall N Crudden 35 R Mellors L Fioretti 33 J Freestone 32. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stableford: M Prisk L Cheong M Middleton G Trainor 33 C Wilmshurst D Decelis 32 V Kemp 30 M Kaines D Nettle 29. AAP vm more
KOOYONGA: Stableford A: T Timmins 43 C Watson K Plummer S Inglis 40. B: J Bowler 43 G England 40 T Walsh C Woollacott A Klomp 38. C: C Weston 42 D Simpson 40 M Nicholls 39 J Rogers 38 K Wang 37. C Green: D Brown M Hall 33. more