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ARDROSSAN: 9-hole stroke: T Harbutt 36 P Williams 39. Ball winners: R Secker 39 G Meredith N Edwards D Barton 40 A Johnston 42. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Par: L Blanden 3 up C Wilmshurst 2 up D Decelis K Forrest 1 up G Harris sq M Kaines 1 down M Pyke M Middleton 2 down. more
KOOYONGA: Men Stableford A: K Russell B Lovelock A Bower 37 L Stewart A Di paolo 36. B: R Dillon 43 P Brown 41 R Tanner 40 T Walsh A Reddy 38. C: T Kurys 42 G Blanchard S Bajada 40 T Burns more
KOOYONGA: Women Stableford A: P Marshall 41 B Rasmussen 41 J Trenorden 39. B: S Hockley 36 S Parsons 35. C: M McKean 37 E Angel 35. Yellow: B Hosking 36. 9-hole: S Sarah 28 M Thompson 19. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Men Stableford A: H Park 44 D Grieve C Sinclair 37 S Arkun 36. B: J O'Connor 41 D Carr 40 S Draper 39 K Rowe, 38. C: T Sullivan 44 R Godwin 39 M Ball 38 L Robins 37. more
BAROSSA VALLEY: Par A: G Weing 5 up cb J Monaghan 5 up. B: J Biggins 3 up B Perry 2 up. C: D Trinne 2 up I Cartwright sq. Women: B Baird 2 up T Love 1 up. Tue Women Par: A: C Roocke 2 up. B: H Sandow 1 up. Ball winners: T Love J Bird S Lehman sq. more
NORTH ADELAIDE: Women Stroke: K Colclasure 72 D Schwarz 73 M Kaines 74 C Mroczek 77 A Chevin 77 C Coleman 78 M Pyke 79. more
KOOYONGA: Men's Stableford A: O Mos 45 B Lovelock 40 J McKean B Kingshott C Weckert 39. B: N O'Connell 43 B Brooke 41 J Brewster-Jones M Twelftree K Russell 39. C: D Mitchell 41 S Fowler T Hobby B Benson G Blanchard B Kitson 38. Green: D Rowe M Hall 40 D Brown 37. more
KOOYONGA: Women Golf SA Open Day: M Smibert A Jones 75.125, R Boath K Sprod 76.75, S Osborne D Tallis 77.5. Kooyonga Members: A Brown L Mcgough 72.375. more
FLEURIEU: Stableford A: R Donald 43 C Burns 42 A Stoodley 41. B: J Clisby 39 S Cunningham 37 C Smith 36. C: S Geisler 39 D Carr G Barnett 36. Women: D Milligan 34 J Coleman 32. more