Rules & Handicapping

Rules, Handicapping, Course Rating and Competition Management Services

As many administrators across South Australia are aware, Golf SA provides rules, handicapping, course rating and competition management services as required.

These services are provided as a part of your affiliation and include the provision of any guidance you may wish on the following topics:

• Framing of local rules and/or temporary local rules.
• Guidance with course marking.
• Guidance on competition conditions, or assistance with framing competition conditions.
• Interpretation of a Rule of Golf.
• Resolution of Rules disputes.
• Assistance with handicapping rules or procedures.
• Assistance with course ratings (either Scratch Ratings or Slope Ratings) – including requests for new ratings for new or forward tees, or requests for re-ratings.
• Assistance with Amateur Status queries.

Golf SA is recognised by Golf Australia and The R&A as the body responsible for providing the above services to you. Hence if a matter we are dealing with requires clarification from Golf Australia, we will seek this accordingly. GA may from time to time clarify points with The R&A. As a result, Golf SA is ultimately serviced by The R&A.

There are three important principles to remember when playing golf:

• Play the course as you find it
• Play the ball as it lies
• And if you can't do either, do what's fair

Process for All Affiliated Clubs & Districts to Lodge Queries

If a club member has a rules query, they should:
1) search for the answer in the Rules of Golf Book
2) if they are unable to find the answer, seek advice from their relevant Club Committee.

If the Club then requires clarification on a rules query, they can contact Golf SA.

Golf SA requests that all rules queries be emailed to Golf SA Competition Manager -

Members of the Golf SA Rules Committee will then be forwarded the query and a response will be provided to the club as soon as practical.


Rules Accreditation new format

With the announcement that the Rules of Golf will change from the 1st January 2019, Golf SA has decided to prepare for an intensive education process around the new Rules of Golf beginning in early 2018.

As a result of this historic change, Golf SA will not be conducting any further Rules Accreditation exams for the current Rules of Golf.  Throughout 2018, rules information sessions will be conducted to raise awareness of the new rules with players and officials alike.  There will be information available on the Golf SA website from early in 2018 informing interested people when and where seminars will be conducted.

Level 2 - Exam is the highest level Rules Accreditation administered by the States.

Level 3 - Tournament Administration and Referees School is administered by the R&A in conjunction with GolfAustralia and the State Association.  The Tournament Administration and Referees School is held over a few days, and attendance is by invitation.

R&A LEVEL 1 Rules Seminar conducted by Golf SA in 2017

The seminars are suitable for golfers with a desire to become better informed about the Rules for their personal golfing benefit. No knowledge of the Rules or a basic understanding is required.

A successful Level 1 participant (i.e. someone who passes the Level 1 online exam) is regarded by the R&A to be a reasonably well-informed golfer who would be able to proceed correctly in the majority of common situations encountered whilst playing the game.

R&A LEVEL 1 Rules Seminar conducted by Golf SA

Seminar Date: Tuesday 31 Oct 2017
Time: 6pm-8pm
Venue: Golf SA Boardroom (North Adelaide Golf Course)

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List of (SA) Accredited State & National Level Rules Officials - CLICK HERE

List of (SA) Accredited Club Level Rules Officials - CLICK HERE

*The Accredited Club Level persons listed, have gained accreditation from Jan 2013.

Those holding accreditation prior to 2013 will need to attend a R&A Level 1 Rules Seminar in order to regain accreditation and be re-added to the list.

HANDICAPPING & COURSE RATING - information > Click here

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